Practice Model

For exercise we were required to use three tools on rhino plus a new one we haven’t used before.

The model stared as a line that I then used the extrusion tool to create the first level then I copy-pasted it to create the second level. I used the gumball to shrink it proportionally. I then joined the two  together then I repeated the process until I reached the desired height. I used the twist tool to try to make it look like the Walt Disney Concert hall, or at least the architectural traits like the modernism style mixed with the futuristic hope of the designers using organic forms that are against the usual box shaped building. I also used the tool bend on a different axis making the base tremble giving it a slick and ferocious style. The tool I used that I have never used before was pipe. I drew a snake-shaped line across the model and then I used the pipe command. I gave it enough thickness as if it is a tunnel for people to come in into the building. I really enjoyed this exercise and I was focusing on creating a model that that liked so I could work with it in the future if my path takes me to a more 3D printed art.

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