Current Projects

ProjectTypeNotesPlanned Release
“Vogel Airlines”Animation 3DAdvertising, Commentary, Tourism, Videos Released June, 2020
Advertising Data Currently Processing
“Abandoned Monuments”Animation 3DConsumerism, Mall Decay, Economics, Culture, Rust Belt.Shelved
Amherst WorldviewUnity, Open worldAmherst 3D Map, Education.Alpha 0.5 : Mid 2022
“Environmental Effects” Animation 3DEnvironmentalism, Climate Change, Economy, Culture. TBA
“Well of Wealth”Animation 2DEnvironmentalism, Oil Fracking, Short. On Hold
“Moore’s Law”Animation 3DTechnology, E-Waste, Culture.Late 2023
“Along the Way”Live ActionEducation, Travel, HistoryEp1 Released July, 2022. In Production.