Along the Way


Along the Way is a series of videos with the goal of exploring and documenting “towns along the way”. The series is a product of the long journey of photographically documenting architectural and natural landmarks and showcasing them on Instagram since 2014. Each; recorded and showcased with detailed information. This transition to video feels as a natural and necessary evolution of the format; as a moving format offers more avenues for distribution and accessibility.

The Series’ focus is investigating a Place’s historical significance and reasons to warrant its attention from either the local community or from tourists . It aims on educating the viewer with sourced information. Exploring places which are not so often documented but deserve the same attention as other more popular locations.

It takes inspiration from both Public Access Documentary work and Youtube Video Essays. Emphasizing local relevance with on-location shots and aerial footage.

Season 1

Episode # TitleDescriptionProduction DateRelease Date
1Greenfield, MA (Pilot) 03/11/202207/05/2022
2Athol, MA06/10/202207/19/2022
3Charlemont, MA07/15/202208/03/2022
4North Adams, MA11/13/202211/15/2022

Season 2

Episode # TitleDescriptionProduction DateRelease Date
1Amherst, MA08/19/202309/05/2023