Along the Way: North Adams, MA (feat. Adams)

This week we’re exploring the City of North Adams. A former Center of Industry, surrounding the Hoosic River. Is North Admas a Destination place or just a fueling location?

This being the fourth episode of the series, I began work around the same time when the Previous Episode was nearing release. First with the Map and Graphics, later focusing on research after EP3 released. I had also just started a new full-time job which affected the amount of hours per day I could dedicate on research. This created the effect of having to do “double takes” and extra research to clarify any doubts on the material. Big source of initial doubt was figuring out what settlement formed first; North Adams or Adams. For whatever reason I had the strong initial belief that North Adams came first, somewhat ignoring other context clues. Once this mixup became clearer (spoilers: Adams was first), it turned into feelings of being “out-of-touch” with the locals when the topic of “Why did they separate?” came up. I was only able to find some consensus through contemporaneous and some more contemporary writings. Yet, the reasons or implications found in the texts gave a too nebulous of a conclusion to make an assertive statement. Furthermore these kinds of questions are the ones that required more hours that I could’ve provided while also making a November release date. The production of this Episode emphasized the need to restructure my time managing process to ensure a smoother cycle.


Production Notes
  • Production time of 1 month and 4 days.
  • On-location recording took 2 days.

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