Graphic Design





Technology Connections

Designing a Magazine One of the first assignments given in the Design Class I was participating in was to create a magazine. For the content of the magazine I was aiming for topics I am more familiar with and took inspiration from publications like Wired, PCWorld, and MacWorld. I then took the IBM System 360…

Mistic Town Map

Rebuilding a Town For the Brochure assignment I created one for a bank and I came to the dilemma of branch locations. As previously, I created the newspaper based of the fictitious town of Mistic I decided to remain in the same area for this project. On my last attempt on creating a fictitious town,…

Mill River Cooperative Bank

Brochure Design After the Newspaper Assignment in the Design class we were tasked with creating a brochure. In this task we were required to pick from a set of images that was provided and to create both a Logo and a pattern for the brochure. For the content of the brochure I decided to make…

The Mistic Examiner

Newspaper Design For a Design Class I was tasked with creating a newspaper. I started the creation of such by looking at both local and national newspapers. I took heavy inspiration from The Hampshire Gazette, a publication in the Pioneer Valley. I wanted to portray fictitious events and decided to apply it to a fictitious…

Project IONA Assests

During Fall 2017 at Umass Amherst I enrolled into a Game Design class at Hampshire College. I participated in the Art Team were I work on creating UI Textures and Icons. The Game was created in Unity by Three other groups to produce the App Game Project IONA. See the Assets created by me and…

Amherst Massachusetts 1920’s

Created in 2015 to Illustrate what would Amherst Massachusetts would look like in the 1920’s. This was done for the Animation project Swift River Rising based on historical Photographs.