Freelance Work Timeline

DateClientWork Performed
07/01/2018Independent ContractorConduct Research and Find Historical Imagery for Video.
03/18/2019University of Massachusetts: AmherstEdit Footage of a Panel Filmed on Campus. (Can be found here)
05/08/2019University of Massachusetts: AmherstFilming the Commencement Ceremonies and Creation of a Rough Cut
06/02/2019University of Massachusetts: AmherstFilming of Ocean Vuong’s Novel Event at Mount Holyoke College (Can be found here)
07/25-27/2019University of Massachusetts: AmherstArchiving of Footage on LTO Storage. Logging of Footage. Assisted in the Setup/Recording of an Interview on Campus.
08/07/2019University of Massachusetts: AmherstSet up working stations and performed maintenance. Tabulated data from videos.
09/06/2019University of Massachusetts: AmherstAssisted on the setup and filming of the first session of the “Opioid Forum at UMass Amherst”. (Can be found here)
11/13/2019Highstead/Wildlands & WoodlandsFilming and editing the Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCP) Network Gathering at the Campus Center in UMass.
10/26/2020Amherst MediaCreated 3D Tittle Squences for a local broadcast program.
10/26/2021University of Massachusetts: AmherstFilming of event hosted at the Fine Arts Center on campus.
03/11/2022Safford DeliveryCreated Video of potential serialized Edutainment Show (Link coming soon)
04/22/2022University of Massachusetts: AmherstRecording of Student’s Senior Recital, booked through Theater Department. (Link)