3D Printed Project (Part 1)

For this project I first google searched art work that was made by the process of 3D printing. I decided to recreate a sculpture that  made years ago and to modify it to the way I first Imagined it. I was unable to fulfill my goal of the sculpture before because I didn’t have the skill to create an item like that mixing the medium.

First I created the base of the sculpture, I made a square base with enough space to build on top. I created the edge of the base to be tapering off ending with a thin junction giving it a sense of modernism and detail. I then plopped down a rectangle that would fir proportionally to the base. I created the main structure using extrusion and edit points so I edited each point of the object to conform to an organic form instead of the (perfect) man shaped shapes that are nonexistent in the real world.    I then added a sturctural suport on the side, and another on a semi-circle bend 90 degrees giving a lot of support, and after that I replicated the same cupport but placed it in a way that it may look like an ear. I then joined all the objects together and I modified them giving the tools bend and twist. After that I added gears found online made by an engineer. I added the gears one on the person’s temple and a couple on the sides for decoration. The twist that the sculpture has plus the gears were placed in a way as if the gear came flying and struck the “man” on the forehead but just the split second in between not the before nor the after of the struck.

Measuring 9 inches tall the model was sent to the library for printing.

Part 2 (Final process, critique.

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