Project IONA Assests

During Fall 2017 at Umass Amherst I enrolled to a Game Design class at Hampshire College. I participated in the Art Team were I work on creating UI Textures and Icons. The Game was created in Unity by Three other groups to produce the App Game Project IONA.

Third Version of the App Icon for IOS.
Some of the Assets and Concept Art for Project IONA

See the Assets created by me and other great Artists in Action on your Mobile AppStore.


Everlasting Expansions

Times is constantly moving forward and it does not care what it leaves behind, it aids the creation of the universe, galaxies and their demise. As long as it keeps moving so will the Everlasting Expansions of our Universe. Made in 2017

Tube Transistor

Steam Engine

Ocean Foam


Boston Progress Personal Computer Model II

Free Keys Video

I had the opportunity at my job to manage the filming, lighting and editing for a video for Umass Amherst about a series of Student Made pianos across campus.

History of Old Chapel

Previously In summer of 2017 I worked on a Mini-Documentary for the Umass Magazine to celebrate the History and Reopening of the Old Chapel at Umass Amherst. I worked on the filming and lighting of the interviews as well the filming of the chapel on-site as well climbing the tower for filming. I also worked in the research of this project along with my supervisor and Director Elizabeth Wilda. I previously uploaded the direct link to the Umass Magazine but due to fear of it being unavailable in the future I obtained my own copy for record keeping. Below is the backup link:

Out for Gas

This was another experiment with height change and usage of modeled trees for the background. This street located in Mistic Mass lives in a world of an even more heighten state of the Cold War. Originally made in 2016.

Channel 3 (S17)

An abstract sequence of visuals and audio might affect those sensitive with fast flashes of light.

Made in 2017


Experiment using Particles charged with a positive field while the center a reflective object holds a negative charge. Using motion blur it create an abstract look with the overlapping blurred colors. Made in 2017.