Sample Size: Remastered

The animation Sample Size was conceived and created in three weeks or so as a final project for an Animation class. When the Animation was published online I received a lot of feedback regarding the overall quality of the project. In the sense that there was too much noise (“fireflies”)  in the picture and blurry scenes due to upscaling. During the class critique I received feedback mostly regarding the timing of some shots as well with the position of the camera.

Comparison between the Remastered Version (Left) & Original (Right).

In the Remastered version of this animation I will address these points and will be adding some scenes that I initially visualized but they were cut due to the time that would be needed to create and animate those scenes. The Remastered version will also take use of PBR materials for a more realistic scenery.

The Remastered Version will be available Late November.

Comparison between the Remastered Version (Left) & Original


Here is the Original Version: Sample Size on Youtube



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