Sample Size: Remastered

Sample Size was originally created as a final project for an Animation Class. The animation was created under a month due to this time constraint most scenes were rushed and rendered half of the intended resolution (1080p). This plus the noise created in the scenes degraded the resolution to a point were some scenes are not as clear as they should’ve been. When shown to an audience both physically and online I received a lot of feedback specifically regarding the editing and noise.

I focused during the remastering process on rendering the scenes at full 1080p and added more details to some scenes. I learned that the cause of this noise was due to how the scene’s lights were setup, I abstained from modifying this as it would’ve added more to the “to-list”. Instead I worked on replacing every material to a PBR material and updated the skybox which in my opinion adds more than to have a plain color sky. I also replaced some models, these include the Human and Earth models to add more realism and continuity. Particle effects were added and deformations to create a more realistic environment.

There could have been more done to this short but this acted as a place to experiment and to learn from my early mistakes. I am pleased on how it came out.

As this year comes to a close I will be preparing for a new project for next season. I will expand more on the details once Winter comes to a close.

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