The Mistic Project

Right after the creation of my CNC project of the landscape features of Amherst Massachusetts. I wanted to create a fictional Town in the area North of Williamsburg Massachusetts. This Towns name being Mistic the former name Barnstable Mass. I created a paper map of the area and then started to make the town center when I noticed that my original plans didn’t considered geographical gradation of heights making the place look flat. I didn’t took the real world geography into consideration when created the map so I decided to stop with the project and work on some projects that have some sort gradation in height.

Made in 2015

Try at Photorealism

One of my renders were I created a 3D foreground and tried to use a 2D image as a matte painting in the background. I later color corrected to try to match the light. Created in 2015.

Enfield, Massachusetts

Enfield Town Hall

Created in 2014 based on Black and White Historical Images of the time.

First Congressional Church in Enfield.

Enfield Lookout, Still Present

These Images were based on Historical Photographs of the Quabbin Towns which were razed and flooded to make way for a reservoir to feed to the aqueduct system for Boston.

3D Printing (Part 1)

For the 3D Printing Assignment I first looked online for works that artists made with the process of 3D printing. I decided to re-create a sculpture that I created years ago, that I visualized differently but my skills were limited at the time. Instead of making it actually size I will trim off a couple of inches so it can be printed within the boundary box.


Using multiple fire simulators to create a small flame on multiple candles. Made in 2015

Amherst Massachusetts 1920’s

Created in 2015 to Illustrate what would Amherst Massachusetts would look like in the 1920’s. This was done for the Animation project Swift River Rising based on historical Photographs.