Project 1 (Part 2)

The following are images of step one to two of the project.

The image above is a screenshot of the rhino work space showing the designs that will be cut with the laser cutter. Originally the blue lines were only going to be etched and the red lines were going to be cut. But with the material confusion and time constrains the red lines were etched a little deeper so I can then cut them with hardware tools.

The image above shows step two, with the design already imprinted onto the material. Notice how dark are the rings compared to the inner design. I have now marked over the material lines to guide me to where I should cut. I will first cut a T-shaped object that will consist of the 3 circles, then I will use more precise tools to cut around them and make a pseud-cylindrical shape. On Part 3 I will show (finally) the finished result.

Project 1 (part 1)

For project one I decided to create three “coins” that were laser cut. With the measurement of a diameter of 100 millimeters containing different designs. The intended material was chipboard but due to misunderstandings at Home Depot I ended up with something called MDF. Because the TA didn’t was unable to id the material and tell me about it before my scheduled time I had to laser etch the material and not cut it. Setting me a step back more than expected more than expected. Though the design translated seamlessly to the material from the computer program. The details of the more complex design looks beautifully and we the expected cutting of the material even more. The next step on this project is to cut what the laser cuter should’ve. It is not going to looks as perfectly cylindrical as expected but if given an rough edge it might looks like those old stone wheels/coins that with time parts of it chipped and it lost its perfect shape though time. Part 2 tomorrow.