Along the Way: Charlemont, MA (feat. Shelburne Falls)

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This week we’re exploring the Town of Charlemont. A quiet small town at the base of the Hoosac Range. Is Charlemont worth putting up the parking brake for, or is there something better on the Horizon?

This being the third episode of the series, I dedicated more time to research as this was my first time covering two places in one episode. Thought it felt fulfilling at the end, covering two places within the preferred production timeline can be overwhelming for one person. Future episodes that deal with two places will have more pre-production time before recording.


Production Notes
  • Production time of 18 days.
  • Maps now have Town/Village jurisdiction Lines!
  • Shelburne Falls was initially the center of attention, but due to its overlap within the two towns it was replaced with Charlemont.
  • Interference from the mountains caused delays during filming, needing to find vantage points for a safe flight.

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